Estate Specific Engagement Workshops

These meetings will be co-hosted by the Council, Newman Francis Residents Advisor and the Council's appointed architect, HTA.

Residents will have the opportunity to shape the future of the estate through these steering group meetings. These meetings will be topic-based workshops.  The topics will include the design of resident’s homes, landscaping and open spaces within the estate, community facilities, energy saving, recycling and the reuse of waste items and many more. The outcome of these meetings and workshops will be put together into resident’s requirement document and charter. This important document will feed into the Landlord Offer Document.

A full Workshop Timetable will be announced shortly.

COMMUNITY SPACES & FACILITIES WORKSHOP: Thursday 5th November 5:30-7pm

Building a Stronger Community

We recognise that there is a strong closeknit community at Avenue Road Estate. Regeneration presents an opportunity for residents to consider how the community and shared facilities can be enhanced. At this workshop we will present ideas ranging from bicycle storage and signage to street lighting and the new community hub to be operated by the Nexus Centre. A great opportunity to share your ideas and suggestions for making Avenue Road Estate a better place for everyone to live together.


Our Climate Challenge: Sustainable Homes & Places

We aim to work together to address the climate emergency. At this workshop our sustainability experts will share the targets that we are working to, particularly on energy use, embodied carbon and water consumption in buildings. This will be an opportunity to learn about the features that will make your new homes highly sustainable and healthy living environments.

LANDSCAPE, PLAY & PUBLIC REALM WORKSHOP: Thursday 22nd October 5:30-7pm

Your Healthy Outdoor Green Spaces: Play, Planting, Streets & Car Parking

The opportunity to transform the outdoor spaces and streets at Avenue Road Estate will make for a greener and healthier neighbourhood. At this workshop, our landscape architects will share a range of ideas for seasonal planting, playable landscapes, and high quality street design. Come along to have your say in the design of the sustainable shared courtyard gardens and find out how the new streets can become safer family-friendly spaces.

NEW HOMES WORKSHOP: Thursday 17th September 5:30-7pm

Design, Layout & Features of Your New homes at Avenue Road Estate

This interactive design workshop will focus on the range of new homes that will be built in phases across the estate. We’ll discuss the different types and sizes of homes using example floor plans to give an idea of the layouts and space standards you can expect from a modern home. A great opportunity to find out more about the accessible and flexible features that will be integrated within each home, as well as private outdoor spaces such as balconies and gardens. We welcome your views and ideas in shaping the next generation of homes at Avenue Road Estate.

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The Ballot

The Voting Process

The ballot is administered in the form of a paper ballot paper, securely posted to residents via Royal Mail 1st class.

Once in receipt of their ballot paper, residents have the option to vote by post or online. Additional voting methods such as on-site, telephone or text voting are available.

To vote by post, residents return the hard-copy ballot paper to CES’ secure facility in the pre-paid 1st class reply envelope provided.

To vote online, residents use their unique security codes to access a secure voting platform. To prevent duplicate votes, each unique security code may only be used once. Robust procedures are in place to audit online votes. For example, CES can review votes against IP addresses and actively monitor for unusual activity from one account or address.

If a resident has voted both by online voting and by post, only the first vote received will be counted.

Towards the end of the balloting period it is recommended that additional voting packs are posted to non-voters. This process often takes place around 10-7 days before the close of ballot and encourages increased turnout.

Voting closes at 5pm on the chosen day. Any votes received after this time will not be counted.

A final audit and collation of the result is performed by CES within 48 hours of the close of the poll.

Once the audit is complete in accordance with ISO accredited internal procedures, the result will be issued in the form of a written Report of Voting. CES is also able to declare the result in person if required.

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Landlord Offer

This voting document highlights the Council plans for the future of the estate. Residents are expected to vote on this document. The final draft of will be sent out to residents in December 2020.

Statutory Consultations

Local authorities are legally required to consult before reaching a decision on relevant planning applications.

Statutory consultations ensure Councils clearly set out their proposals on major changes to their services and enable residents and key stakeholders to make informed choices.

SECTION 105: Late June 2020

Consultations are carried out where development proposals may have an impact for secure council tenants.

Under Section 105 of the Housing Act 1985 the council has a legal obligation to consult with our secure tenants on matters of housing management such as changes to the management, maintenance, improvement or demolition of houses let by them, or changes in the provision of amenities.

Once the Section 105 of the Housing Act 1985 consultation with secure tenants is carried out and responses considered, the council has undertaken its statutory duty.