Resident Services Directorate Divisional 
Divisional Director Assets, Sumitra Gomer

Cedar Wood House, 2d Fulbourne Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 4GG


Ask for: Bukola Williams
Contact line: 020 8496 4900

Date: June 2020

Dear resident,

Avenue Road Estate – Removal of Combustible Materials Waltham Forest Council takes the safety of its residents very seriously.

We would like to remind all residents that it is not permitted to have calor gas cylinders or any other type of gas cylinders for a heater or camping stove inside your home or in the garages.

Like all responsible landlords, we need to be sure that our tenants’ homes are safe, well maintained and provide a suitable place for them to live.

The council is constantly reviewing health and safety and fire risks in all its high priority blocks, with a view to reducing any risks to as low as possible.

If you require the use of oxygen cylinders, please let us know immediately so that we can look at what steps may be needed to ensure that it is safe.

It is very important that we are aware of any potentially combustible materials that you may have in your home. Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

Our Council staff and contractors will be inspecting properties and garages regularly to ensure that this is being complied with. If any evidence of breaches is found, strong action will be taken against your tenancy/lease conditions and the items will be removed immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me on 020 8496 4900 or by email at

Yours sincerely

Bukola Williams
Housing Officer