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Hi there, I am Sue Grace! I will be running a home learning project across Waltham Forest called

There will be a variety of ‘pop up’ sessions specifically focusing on simple ways to develop your child’s language along with key opportunities for physical development. All sessions will be local and lots of fun! Please look out for further details to follow! I am really looking forward to working with you and your children!

Sue Grace


Housing Management


1. Throwing things from flats

We would like to remind all residents not to throw things from their flats. This anti-social behaviour is a serious breach of tenancy. There is also the possible danger of hurting someone from this unacceptable behaviour. This breach of Tenancy is highlighted in your Tenancy Agreement under Section 1.60 - Throwing things from flats. This states that - ‘’if your home is in a block, you must not throw any items or allow anyone else to throw any items from your home or other areas that you share with your neighbours’’


  • This breach of tenancy applies to everyone at home with you including visitors. Please dispose of all household rubbish and recyclable waste in a safe and appropriate manner. Household rubbish must be placed in a dustbin, refuse chute and any other designated area we have provided. No item(s) of rubbish should be thrown out of the windows of your home.

We also bid farewell to Naomi Lewis, your Housing Officer for the last two years. Naomi’s last day with the Council was Friday 6 December. The Council is currently recruiting a Housing Officer for the Avenue Road estate. In the meantime, please contact;

Senior Housing Officer: Khemba Ankhrah

Contact Number: 020 8496 4900 or his


Key Contacts

Dianne Obichere - Avenue Road Regeneration Officer
T: 07741 147 538 E:

Julie Haughton - Engagement Officer
T: 020 8496 4976 E:

Keith Brown - Stakeholder Relations and Community Engagement Manager
T: 020 8496 4317 E:


Welcome to the second edition of Avenue Road Estate Residents’ Newsletter. The Council are looking at various ways to improve your estate. This includes the possible option to regenerate the estate. We are committed to working with residents as we develop ideas about this exciting opportunity. This newsletter will let you know how you can help us to develop future plans for your home and estate.

We will also be keeping our web page ( updated with the latest news and you can also sign up for our email newsletter there.

Housing Needs Survey

The Council carried out the Housing Needs Survey between May and August 2019. The findings from this survey have informed the Council about how residents feel about their homes, the wider estate and what improvements they would like to happen on their estate.

All residents were invited to complete the survey. The information provided has now been collated and analysed and the key findings from the report can be found on the inserted sheet.

Structural Survey

The Council is carrying out a structural survey of the blocks on the estate to understand the condition of each block. This detailed survey will include drilling into the concrete and inspecting the metal joints within the concrete panels of the blocks. These detailed surveys will be carried out only on vacant properties starting with Rosewood Court. We will be contacting residents of Rosewood Court with more information shortly. If you have any questions please contact your Senior Housing Officer, Khemba Ankhrah, on 020 8496 4900.

The hoarded area on the estate is now clear of rubbish and ready to receive site office facilities for the structural survey works. When the structural surveys are completed, we will inform you about the results.

What’s Ahead in the Coming Months

Appointment of the Project Team

The Council asked Cabinet in July 2019 for approval to start working on plans to develop options to improve

Avenue Road estate, Cabinet approved the following:

Appointment of the Project Team

Priority Decant Status – for residents affected by the structural survey

Commence discussions with leaseholders and freeholders on the estate


Housing Needs Survey

The Housing Needs Survey is now completed, the findings from this survey has informed the Council about how residents feel about their homes, the wider estate and what improvements they would like to happen on their estate.

The key findings from the report was shared at the last Residents Meeting, held on Thursday 21st November, the report will be shared with residents in early spring 2020.

The Council has successfully appointed the project team and they attended the Residents meeting on Thursday 21 November 2019 at the Nexus Centre to introduce themselves and meet residents.

Newman Francis

Independent Tenant Leaseholder Adviser

Newman Francis have been appointed by the Council as Resident Advisors, they have lots of experience working with diverse communities and supporting residents through transformation options.

They will work with all residents and stakeholders to find out your views about what any future changes and improvements could mean to you and your family.

They will also make sure you have the support you need to help you understand the options for the estate and what this means to you and your family. Carley and Lindsey from Newman Francis, will commence engagement with all residents to complete the survey around your key priorities for the future on Wednesday 27 November 2019.

HTA Architects

HTA are experienced architects in developing options for estates, they will work with residents and the Council on the possible design options for Avenue Road estate. They will work closely with Newman Francis on helping residents understand what good design is, they will also work closely with Carter Jonas consultants on the investment needs for the estate.

Residents Improvement Project Group

If you would like to be part of the Residents Improvement Project Group, working with the Council and the Project Team on the improvement options for your estate, please contact:

Dianne Obichere - Avenue Road Regeneration Officer on 07741 147538

These are exciting times ahead for all residents and it would be nice if you could be part of this group.

Working together with our Partners to help improve the Local Area

The Council’s vision for the borough is to create Decent, Safe and Healthy Neighbourhoods. To achieve this vision for the estate and the local area, the Council is developing a South Leytonstone Area Investment Plan, this will be shared with all residents.

The Council has also received funding from a Government body called One Public Estate to work on a wider vision for the local area. This vision will be developed in consultation with residents and businesses into a master plan for the wider area, this will also be shared with residents and wider community.